What’s Keeping Me Distracted

I’ve been extremely distracted lately. Besides the usual real life stuff, these two things have been a time sink for me. Reviews later. Totori will probably come first.


My Trip! Part 01. Days 01-03 (Pre-Vegas!)

Any readers of this here blog should know that I recently went on a vacation to Arizona and Vegas. I promised to tell you all about it while I was gone, but I had no idea things would be as crazy as they turned out to be. Here I found myself halfway through my trip with nothing written, and I could do nothing about it. Once I got back I figured that I would be able to get it done, but unfortunately I have been stuck in a clusterfuck of bad timing. I apologize for that, but here is what happened to me during my trip.  It might not sound as cool as it was with only text. Actually I was going to attach a comic with this, but onion said that I wouldn’t do it….so I wont.  Ok enough rambling.

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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3; Ultimate Hype (Marvel Side)

Special Thanks to Xaesius aka Asura for writing this!

As the title states, this is currently the ultimate hype game for me. As all the new characters that have been added in addition to this new game which is coming out on the 15th of November, at a cheap price of $40, which comes inclusive of, 12 new characters, Revamped Health, X-Factor, Hyper gauge bars and tweaked health amount for each character for balancing.

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Things are Hectic

Still in AZ, leaving for vegas at 4am. things have ben crazy already, if this is just a small taste of whats to come I’m in trouble

Ps. I dunno if there will end up being posts like I thought except for little updates on my vacation.I’ve been.drawing a short little manga though documenting whats goin on so when I get home maybe I’ll upload it for all of you.

See You Soon! My Vacation Unofficially Starts Today!

Sorry people, I failed this week. And I am even more sorry for doing another update post. Things are hectic and I just didn’t get anything out at all. So as you I’m going to be leaving for a bit on the 20th, so lately I have been trying to scramble to put together stuff to talk about, while also getting ready. Of course things don’t always go my way and as luck would have it, this is the first week I’ve had trouble thinking of anything to write about. Have no fear though, there will be stuff for you to be able to come over and read while I’m gone. In fact that’s why I am pretty much writing this.

I have stuff that will go out while I’m gone. First one is either tonight or tomorrow. Schedule will look like this #1: 17 (or 18th), #2: 20th, #3: 24th,  #5: 27th and so on. Sorry if they won’t all be that great of posts, but in the time I had it’s the best I could do. Also the site will probably look a bit different while I’m gone, you know for all the halloween goodness. And I promise you this will be the last update post for a while. So even though I have a few days before I leave, I thought I would just say my goodbyes now and I’ll be back in a while.  Look forward to the posts while I’m gone. I’ll still be to comment while I’m gone, I just can’t write because I’ll be damned if I wanna write anything of significance with the wordpress app on my phone. So once the posts I’ve already written dry up that’s it. I’ll try not to let that happen though. Either way I need this little vacation while it lasts xD  I’m going to try to take some of this time to refresh my mind.

To the newer viewers who think it’s too soon to be worn out a bit since I’ve only been doing this for a few months, you’re wrong, this site is new but I have been writing for over a year.
Let’s hope I can make some money in Vegas so I can buy some awesome stuff and be able to do more reviews when I get back and maybe even record some gameplay for said reviews. No promises though >.<

Bleh now to go gather my movies and music together orz

Help me Choose my Banners!

Hey everyone, I’m sure you’ve noticed the rotation of banners up top at some point, well I want to change it up a bit and have a rotation of 5 different banners. I have a total of 15 banners that I’ve made, some I think are better than others so I want you to help me decide which ones are good enough to keep. So look below at all my banners and then go to the poll at the bottom. VOTE FOR YOUR  5 FAVORITE BANNERS in the poll.

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