What the Hell Happened to Talking Stuff?

Well I started working recently. This means soon I will be able to do a bunch of stuff that I’ve wanted to with this site. I’ll also have money to get even more games to review, and perhaps even record my gameplays of. Well that’s the good news of this post, the bad news is that I haven’t had as much time to write stuff. Between work, trying to relax, having a social life, and editing for Tonde Subs, I have been busy. Never fear though I have stuff I am definitely writing, so this place is FAR FROM DEAD. A small preview of the stuff I am working on below;

I have been trying to keep up with anime as well, which has been hard. Hell even playing my games is tough, but I somehow do it to a certain degree. Anyways look forward to some of the stuff shown above, I am writing as fast as I can. Sorry for the silence.


See You Soon! My Vacation Unofficially Starts Today!

Sorry people, I failed this week. And I am even more sorry for doing another update post. Things are hectic and I just didn’t get anything out at all. So as you I’m going to be leaving for a bit on the 20th, so lately I have been trying to scramble to put together stuff to talk about, while also getting ready. Of course things don’t always go my way and as luck would have it, this is the first week I’ve had trouble thinking of anything to write about. Have no fear though, there will be stuff for you to be able to come over and read while I’m gone. In fact that’s why I am pretty much writing this.

I have stuff that will go out while I’m gone. First one is either tonight or tomorrow. Schedule will look like this #1: 17 (or 18th), #2: 20th, #3: 24th,  #5: 27th and so on. Sorry if they won’t all be that great of posts, but in the time I had it’s the best I could do. Also the site will probably look a bit different while I’m gone, you know for all the halloween goodness. And I promise you this will be the last update post for a while. So even though I have a few days before I leave, I thought I would just say my goodbyes now and I’ll be back in a while.  Look forward to the posts while I’m gone. I’ll still be to comment while I’m gone, I just can’t write because I’ll be damned if I wanna write anything of significance with the wordpress app on my phone. So once the posts I’ve already written dry up that’s it. I’ll try not to let that happen though. Either way I need this little vacation while it lasts xD  I’m going to try to take some of this time to refresh my mind.

To the newer viewers who think it’s too soon to be worn out a bit since I’ve only been doing this for a few months, you’re wrong, this site is new but I have been writing for over a year.
Let’s hope I can make some money in Vegas so I can buy some awesome stuff and be able to do more reviews when I get back and maybe even record some gameplay for said reviews. No promises though >.<

Bleh now to go gather my movies and music together orz

Time to Get Focused Again

Wow what a tough week, please excuse the lack of activity. I was really planning on putting my Neptunia review up yesterday but with all that has gone on this week I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I went to my state fair a few times with friends and then partied and when I woke up Monday I was like shit.

Anyways I just thought that I would tell the few of you who come here my goals for this here blog. First off I am hoping to make this a twice a week blog, yeah I know I’m already failing at that but I got my own life to live outside of all this. I was thinking about maybe doing Mondays and Fridays. Oh and I absolutely want to do some guest writers, you can guest write as much as you want. I dont want to add permanent writers just so I can avoid some of the issues I came across last time I did that. Then again that could change as well but I’m not looking into it at this moment.

I’ll throw up another page so you can apply if you want. Sorry MkMiku I have totally ripped off your idea so to make up for it everyone go visit his blog HERE

Neptunia review later tonight if I can pull it off and perhaps a few other posts I can draft up to be released at various times this week.

tl;dr stuff will happen.