Atvrcr’s Wonderful Roommate

Hey everyone, it’s been a long long time since I’ve posted anything. 2012 was a busy year for me, and writing stuff just hasn’t been a priority for me. I definitely want to start blogging again, so I’m gonna try and make time on occasions. Anyways, today I am here to gripe. I want to tell a little story of how easily friendships with cousins can turn into just a hatred inside of your mind. Well maybe that’s not the right word. No I don’t hate this cousin, it’s that the current situation I am in does not leave much room for being buddy buddy. I’m sure that once this is done with everything will be fine.

The situation I’m talking about is being roommates. So let’s go back a bit to the right around the time this started. I’ll abridge this as much as I can, so it doesn’t drag on too long.

Oh and the Yuno pics will help represent my feelings at each stage.

At this point I am like I’ll be glad to help


So sometime in summer, my cousin moved to the city I live in to attend the University here. Once she started going full time, working was a bit tough especially when studying for a career in the medical field. It requires your full attention. So she quit her job to focus on school and moved with a family member of hers. Well after being here for a few months, problems started arising. Disputes over her dog and not getting along with her sisters husband started happening, and eventually she couldn’t take it anymore. So about a month or two of dealing with it she gets a hold of me and asks if she can stay for a few weeks. Now I’ve been living on my own for a little over a year in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. I am fairly set in my ways, but I’m also very easy going. So I was like sure, no problem, we are family, and if you are having a tough go of things I’m happy to help. I offered to let her stay a flexible amount of time, so things can cool down and she could figure stuff out. Well that was my first mistake, but I’ll go into it further later.

So things are definitely peachy at this point. We respect each others privacy and are conscience of noise and all that stuff. Of course there were the occasional little things I noticed the first night but it’s no biggy. Like I said, things are good. Night 2: she rolls into the house at 3am, and it wakes me up. I’m sensitive to sounds like the doors opening because I’ve been living alone and am aware of my surroundings. This was no problem, I like to go out and party and so I often come home late as well. I’ll just have to adjust my brain to not be so conscience of things since I’m not living alone right now. The next day she goes off to school. Well her dog doesn’t like this, most likely due to the fact he is in an unfamiliar place. It starts barking. And barking……and barking. All day I listened to thing bark in 30 minute intervals, only stopping for no more than 10-15 minutes. How that thing didn’t lose it’s voice is a mystery, but I guess you can expect it from small dogs. Once again she comes home in the middle of the night, around 2am this time, but unlike last time she brings a drunk friend over to crash.

Now I don’t mind if she wants to have people come over and hang out, but this guy is blitzed. Loud and obnoxious to say the least. Whatever I’ll deal with it. The only part of this scenario that urked me is that I wasn’t asked and this is the third night she has stayed here. Normally it wouldn’t be an issue as roommates, but there is just one thing; this isn’t her house, she isn’t paying rent, or chipping in with anything. I’m letting her stay here for the time being, to clear her head and whatnot. I know it sounds bad to say, but seriously, as a guest I think it would have been the respectful thing to do is at least ask or something. Maybe that’s just me.

So at this point I’m like I’m sure this is just my own quirks and this kind of stuff wont happen often.


Fast forward a bit. There haven’t been any guests or crazy hours, so I guess I was right. I start to notice she isn’t exactly the tidy type, but what can I say, neither am I. I dunno, maybe I have a weird double standard, but if I want to be sloppy it’s my house I should be able to, but if I’m staying in someones house on vacation or whatever, I pretty much make sure that there’s no negative trace of me living there. Well stuff like trash starts to pile up a little and I am just thinking I’m sure she’ll do something about it, maybe she’ll pick up a bit around the house, or do some of our dishes or something. I mean it cant hurt to chip in in that fashion since its been a rent free ride and it’s been a decent amount of time that she has been here. Like before, maybe it’s just a quirk of mine.

Now I am like maybe I made a mistake.



So some more time passes and it’s more of the same. Nothing being contributed and all my food being eaten, living room tv being hogged etc. Her friends are just using my 360 and PS3. Finally I was like I guess I’ll sacrifice playing on the awesome set up in the living room and put it all in my room. Sucks but maybe it will be a hint of sorts. I hear the sub bumpin at night to which I am just like I am trying to relax dammit.

This is what I looked like at night. Like just shut up shut up shut up, and go somewhere else please!

Mlrai Nlkki An Abridged Series Ep 6.mp4_20130103_153430.369

I talked about the noise, but nothing changed, so I turned the bass down one day. It got turned back up, so I finally umplugged the damn thing and took the cord. The system can still sound nice without the super bass. I mean I got shit to do, sometimes I need to be able to easily sleep. Then one day I was asked to do the dishes and clean up around for her and her friends when they came over. I was just like why don’t you do it. It didn’t get done out of principle.

So finally I confront her about what her plans are, and what is she gonna do when she leaves. She tells me shes going to think about it. That night she leaves. I wake up to some shady dude chillin in my house while she and her boyfriend are in the room. I was kinda pissed. For all I know I am having shit stolen. So then one day I come home late, she is gone, but I notice something off. My door is open, my light on. I didn’t do this. Same with my dad’s old room. I notice the drawers open in my desk, and nightstand. I was like what the fuck is going on. Apparently her boyfriend was looking for condoms. Fuck you…..what are either of you doing in my room, seriously I dont give a shit what the reason is. That was the last straw in my mind. Shit needs to go.


Well shits still here! I contemplated putting all her shit on the porch, but for whatever reason, I can’t be that big of a dick. This brings us to last night/this mornig. I specifically say I need to get up early and can’t be disturbed. I’m asleep around 8pm and at 10pm I get a call. I cant get in the house I hear. I shuffle over and open the door. Her and the boyfriend are here. Fan-freaking-tastic. I say I’m going to go back to sleep. Well next thing I know, tv is blasting like a mofo. I try and try to go to sleep. Around 2am I hear the tv go back up I’m like what the hell. So I ask to turn it down, and remind her that I need to get up early. Then I hear something get knocked over. Close my eyes, and start to fall asleep. Around 3:30am I get a phone call, “is the heater on?” I tell her yes its set to 64. She says its like 80 in her room and has the fans going. I tell her to go ahead and turn the heater off. I mean its only like 10 degrees outside but whatever. She says its cool and opens her window. So basically I have a heater on and a window open, kinda counter productive if you ask me.

So I turn the heater down to 55, and tell her to close the window. At this point I am just awake and like FML. Finally I am able to rest again until about 5am, at which point in time I am awoken to her boyfriend complaining about shit in my house. Stuff like there’s no food and my dog growling at him. I am so pissed at this point, I just say yeah, he’s trained to be wary of random strangers in my house unless I tell him its ok.

I will end you!


So at this point I don’t know what to do, do I contact her sister and tell her to help me get her the hell out since she obviously hasn’t heeded any of my not so subtle hints. Do I just turn off utilities and force her out? Or do I put her shit in a trashbag and place it on the porch. I’ve tried talking to her, but she just seems to have it in her head that this is her new residence. A residence that was supposed to expire a while ago. Family is family, so I feel bad, but I also wont tolerate and ungrateful person taking advantage of the situation that I generously offered.


2 thoughts on “Atvrcr’s Wonderful Roommate

  1. good to hear from you again lol. its a shame though your first post is about a selfish roommate who isn’t a friend but a family member.

    this may seem harsh but you gotta grow balls and just throw her shit out. i expect this kind of behavior form say a friend you’ve know for like 3months but not a family member. i think she’s just so comfortable at your house, she thinks she can do whatever she wants. its pretty obvious she doesn’t care anymore. it sucks when some nice and generous person gets taken advantage of but it happens. when you said that part about the door being left open and draws open i was thinking ” i would trough the shithead out already “. if she has friends or boyfriends like that, it just shows you her personality.

    Good luck

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