Get Ready

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while since I posted anything of quality but I just wanted to tell you guys that enough is enough! I am going to get back to what I started this damn thing for! Tonight and tomorrow I am going to revamp this place and add some new features to help keep people entertained somewhat. This will include the one thing I’ve been talking about for a while and that is gameplay footage. But that won’t be all, I plan on revamping the look slightly and even turning this place into a .com instead of a I hope you will all continue to support me and read the crap I put up here.

Enough being lazy time to expand my writing horizons. Talking Stuff will be a better place this year! 2012; the year that I am focused. That is my New Years Resolution!

7 thoughts on “Get Ready

  1. I support your mission to go for a .com. Since I doubt atvrcr is a premium domain name, you’d pay no more than 12$ a year. I’m not sure if you’re planning to go on a paid host like I did, but that’s just because I’m planning some side projects that takes a lot of bandwidth. A free host should be completely fine for a personal blog.

    And I’m looking forward to your gameplay videos. In hope to hear your commentaries too.

    • I don’t know if im going to do commentaries to start with, but I may later on. As for hosting I’ll start with wordpress hosting and may move on to elsewhere if I see the need to

  2. Hey, mind getting me another admin account if possible? I seriously can’t find a way to log into the old one :X Been wanting to tell you this for a while now.

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